What We Treat

Comprehensive Care for the Entire Family

Many common diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol and diabetes, are preventable and treatable. Your LeBauer primary care physician specializes in preventative practices and can treat both acute and chronic health conditions.

General services include:
  • Immunizations (adults)
  • Same-day acute care
  • Minor office procedures: EKG, pulmonary function testing, minor skin procedures
  • Ultrasound
  • On-site laboratory
For Children:
  • Well-baby and well-child care
  • Immunizations (infants, children)
  • Acute care of childhood illnesses and injuries
  • School/sport/camp physicals
Specialty Care:
  • Well woman care (PAP smears, cardiovascular health, health maintenance)
  • Men’s health care (e.g. cardiac risk assessment, erectile dysfunction)
  • Care of skin disorders (e.g. rashes, acne, eczema, biopsy of suspicious lesions etc)
  • Behavioral health problems (e.g. anxiety, depression, relational issues)
  • Pulmonary disorders (e.g. emphysema, asthma, pulmonary function testing)
  • Endocrine disorders (e.g. diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, lipids, etc.)
  • Sports/non-sport injuries and joint problems (e.g. arthritis, joint/back pain, etc)
  • Headache disorders
  • Cardiovascular disorders (e.g. high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, etc.)
  • Gastrointestinal disorders (e.g. esophageal reflux, constipation, diverticulosis, etc)
  • Genitourinary disorders (e.g. urinary tract infections, genital infections, etc)
  • Ear, Nose and Throat disorders (e.g. allergies, sinus problems, ear infections, etc)
Disease Management and Treatment

Our primary care physicians and staff manage many common chronic illnesses, such as:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma

In addition, our disease management and treatment services include:

  • Health risk assessment
  • Healthy lifestyle counseling
  • Care coordination and communication with LeBauer network subspecialists
  • Routine follow up care for chronic ailments
Wellness and Prevention
  • Wellness exams, including sports, school and employment physicals
  • Regular check-ups and screenings
  • Medication management
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If you are a new or current patient, please call your Primary Care office to make an appointment. Office hours vary, but most are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.

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