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Athletic trainers are an integral part of LeBauer Sports Medicine. Learn more about their role as a healthcare professional.

What Does an Athletic Trainer Do?

Athletic trainer working with young woman with weightsIf you’re looking for an athletic trainer in Greensboro, NC, you might have questions about what their role entails. People sometimes confuse athletic trainers with personal trainers. Personal trainers generally coach athletes to build strength, speed, and agility.

Athletic trainers are highly skilled, healthcare professionals that work alongside physicians, collaborating with them in the areas of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Athletic trainers have an advanced degree and are licensed within the state. In addition, athletic trainers are required to complete continuing education to maintain certification, which ensures that they are providing the best care to each patient.

Athletic Trainers at LeBauer Sports Medicine

At LeBauer Sports Medicine, the athletic trainer functions as an extension of the physician, enhancing Athletic trainer and patient at LeBauer sports medicinethe patient’s experience through their extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries.

Athletic trainers carry out a variety of tasks at each LeBauer Sports Medicine location. Our athletic trainers develop and instruct home exercise programs, fit splints and braces, fabricate orthotics, and educate and treat concussed patients.

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