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Should Breast Cancer Be The Focus? A Survivor’s Journal Entry

October 8, 2014 | Awareness (Week/Month), Community

Journaling a few years later, I can see how many “healthstyle” changes I’ve made since my doctor first talked with me about getting a mammogram. Without her guidance, my life may have looked very different. Although, the focus is breast cancer and should be, I became aware of how my overall health and well-being impacts the people I care about: my family, friends and co-workers.

My initial reaction to those words, “You have breast cancer,” was similar to the song, “Live Like You Were Dying.”  Imagine my doctor’s surprise when she got the call the next day that I had broken my ankle roller-skating with my ten-year-old son.  Thankfully, my doctor talked me through it and helped me regain focus on a better approach to coping. The next steps would be:

  1. Understanding my diagnosis (Not believing what I read on the Internet or comparing my breast cancer to anyone else’s case)
  2. Talking to the team of physicians about treatment options and my care
  3. Taking each day one day at a time, which is really all any of us can do on any given day. Note to self:  Bull-riding for 8 seconds or roller-skating is not the best response, unless you already do those activities on a routine basis.
Finding My Healthstyle

Through the experience though, I learned of health and lifestyle behaviors, which I like to call my “healthstyle,” that contribute to my overall health and can be risk factors or can be managed for prevention of things like diabetes, heart disease, strokes and cancer.  I took a hard and very personal look at my responsibility with diet and exercise and joined activities and groups to start making small changes, and to support me when I have setbacks or need to refocus.

An Ally for Healing

My motivation has been faith, family, friends and co-workers.  They would do small things to help me along on days when they knew I needed it and for that, I will be forever grateful.  The nursing and office staff held my hand and talked with me about my concerns and one physician got a wheelchair for me and insisted on rolling me in himself when he noticed me hobbling in the office with a broken ankle.  But, I guess my biggest motivator was when I told my kids about it and we discussed the importance of making changes in our “healthstyle.”  I explained that I had made similar changes to be my healthiest when I was pregnant with them and one of my children boldly asked, “Will you do that for us now?”  Wow! I was speechless.  What a profound request.  I can assure you it echoes in my thoughts each time I get frustrated with exercise and diet, and continues to motivate me over and over again.

And before I go without mentioning, I could not have done any of this without a great doctor’s office.  I am thankful for the resources they have in staff and the physicians at LeBauer. I always recommend LeBauer to friends and family when we talk about how to start defining a “healthstyle.”  They are so very caring and knowledgeable and are with you every step of the way.

If you’d like to talk to a LeBauer doctor near you or would like more info about the many services at LeBauer, please visit us at www.lebauer. com

Cancer Care - LeBauer

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – From the Heart of a Survivor

October 8, 2014 | Awareness (Week/Month), Community

Cancer - LeBauerNow that October is here, most people are talking excitedly about the crisp fall weather, pumpkin carving and what they are wearing for Halloween, but for some it is a month of celebration. For many, it is a time took look back on one of the greatest challenges they have ever faced and to celebrate that they are a survivor. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a yearly celebration of those who have overcome and a time to cheer on those who continue the fight.

A Month of Celebration

At LeBauer HealthCare we are dedicated to providing not only exceptional patient care but also ground breaking research focused on finding a cure. As October begins, LeBauer HealthCare is highlighting survivor stories to encourage and inspire throughout the month of October. Each week, we will post a journal entry written by a cancer survivor sharing their story and struggles as they reflect on their lives.

Each week, we invite you to follow and share these stories, whether it is with family, friends or someone who is battling cancer. We hope these inspire those continuing the fight and speak to those celebrating this month. Regardless, these stories are directly from the hearts of those who have faced their battle with determination and come out on top. We trust you will be as inspired as we have been by these incredible survivors.

Learn More Today

Interested in learning more about LeBauer HealthCare and the cancer center? We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Call 336-832-0819 or complete our contact form, here.  We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your story.

Cancer Care - LeBauer

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LeBauer Primary Care – Convenient Appointment Times to Meet YOUR Busy Schedule

September 25, 2014 | Location

Time is a precious commodity. The daily demands on our time (work, school, family, etc), can make it difficult to find time to take care of ourselves. LeBauer Primary Care recognizes our patients have busy schedules and is now offering extended office hours. Several LeBauer Primary Care offices open early and stay late to provide appointments for patients outside of “routine office hours”. If you are an early bird, you may prefer an appointment as early as 7 a.m. and if you need to schedule an appointment later in the afternoon/evening, you may want an appointment at one of the offices that are open until 7 p.m. Please see our list of offices below with extended hours:

Burlington Station

Monday                 7-5

Tuesday                 7-7

Wednesday           7-5

Thursday                7-5

Friday                     7-5

Stoney Creek

Monday                 7:15 – 7

Tuesday                 7-15 – 5

Wednesday           7:15 – 7

Thursday                7:15-7

Friday                     7:15-5

Elam/Main Office

Monday                 8-5

Tuesday                 8-7

Wednesday           8-7

Thursday                8-7

Friday                     8-5

High Point

Monday                 7-7

Tuesday                 7-7

Wednesday           7-7

Thursday                8-5

Friday                     8-5

NOTE: If you are sick and your office is not listed, you may be seen at any other office that has availability. Please find a location and maps of the location closest to you under the LOCATIONS tab at the top of this page.


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LeBauer Neurology-ALS, Strokes, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers.

September 17, 2014 | Neurology, Awareness (Week/Month)

Neurology is a high-stakes field. As the “command center” of the body, your brain controls just about everything and is connected to an infinitely complex system of nerves. When something goes wrong with the nervous system, the entire body suffers and daily tasks become difficult. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with neurological disorder, you need an experienced physician who can offer skilled care, comfort and hope.

With three board-certified providers, LeBauer’s neurology team brings comprehensive care to the Piedmont Triad region.  Our physicians are leaders in research and treatment of complex neurological disorders, applying today’s most advanced medication and cures. At LeBauer, we truly invest in your health – because when there’s much at stake, there’s much opportunity for life-changing, exceptional care.

As science comes to a fuller understanding of the brain and the central nervous system more completely, LeBauer neurology physicians are advancing to bring you the best in treatment options, cures and medications. We dedicate a significant amount of our resources to research, training and technology in order to provide better care.

For some, a trip to a neurologist begins with a headache. For others, it begins with a life-altering stroke. Whatever your situation, you’re looking for caring physicians who listen. Trust the most complex system in your body to none other than the expert physicians at LeBauer Neurology.

Dr. Adam Jaffe attended medical school at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, IL. Upon completion, he completed a medical internship and a neurology-focused residency and fellowship. In 2011, he received the Albert Einstein College of Medicine Teaching Award – recognizing his outstanding performance as a teacher and significant contributions to the education of medical students. As a general neurologist, Dr. Jaffe evaluates and treats a wide variety of neurological disorders in adults including strokes, epilepsy, migraine headaches and others.

Dr. Patel attended medical school in Blacksburg, VA at the Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). She then completed an adult neurology residency and a fellowship in neuromuscular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. During her education, Dr. Patel received several high honors including Cleveland Clinic Humanitarian of the Year and VCOM Student of the Year. She has also been published in several books, journals and presentations. Dr. Patel is a neuromuscular disease specialist who treats peripheral neuropathy, myasthenia, ALS, myopathy, as well as general neurological disorders. To LeBauer, she brings deep knowledge of complex neuromuscular disorders, as well as the latest treatments and cures.

A graduate of Capital University in Columbus, Ohio, Dr. Tat attended medical school at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio. Upon graduation, Dr. Tat completed an internship and residency in Neurology at Grandview Hospital and Medical Center and at the Wallace Kettering Neuroscience Institute, both located in Dayton, Ohio. She completed a fellowship in movement disorders and deep brain stimulation at the University of North Carolina Hospitals.

LeBauer Neurology is located at 301 East Wendover Avenue Suite 211, Greensboro, North Carolina.   If you are interested in what we treat, click for more information and call 336.832.3070 to make an appointment. Our doctors would be happy to work with you, your family and primary care physician to develop the best treatment plan for your neurological condition.



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LeBauer Sports Medicine – Staying Active in Our Communities

August 27, 2014 | Sports Medicine, Community

We are proud to share that Dr. Zach Smith of LeBauer Sports Medicine is the Carolina Dynamo’s Official Team Physician.

Dr. Zach Smith knows what it takes to excel on the soccer field – and in the field of sports medicine as well. As the official primary care team physician of the Carolina Dynamo, he brings patient safety to a new level. His passion for soccer and history in professional league play provides a unique advantage for the entire Dynamo team.

Smith is the sole sports medicine provider at LeBauer HealthCare in Greensboro, N.C., and plays an integral role in Triad medical community. Working with the Dynamo is his way of giving back, serving the city of Greensboro and making a tangible impact on its athletes. Smith was pleased with the healthy outcomes of the 2014 season. “We had a few bumps and bruises, but nothing major,” he explained. “Solid conditioning makes all the difference.”

As a primary care physician specializing in sports medicine, Smith can treat a large range of injuries and illnesses. When a player is feeling off, they are able to receive immediate treatment, ultimately leading to quicker diagnosis and resolution. Without a doubt, Smith’s presence keeps team performance at an all-time high. In the event of those inevitable spills, players can be splinted right on the field, and even receive an ultrasound if necessary.

Smith hopes to continue in this role for years to come. “I think the idea of having a team physician is really catching on in the athletic community,” he said. “It’s not just a trend – people are seeing that it is necessary.” Looking ahead, Smith and LeBauer Sports Medicine will seek further team partnerships, building valuable relationships and providing support for athletes across the region.

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LeBauer HealthCare at Burlington Station is Growing!

October 21, 2013 | Location


We are pleased to welcome family physician Dr. Charlene Scott and nurse practitioner Raquel Rey to the growing primary care practice at our Burlington Station location. They will be joining Drs. Teresa Tullo and Jennifer Walker, who opened LeBauer HealthCare at Burlington Station in August 2012.

Drs. Tullo and Walker are thrilled to have Dr. Scott and Raquel join their growing medical team. As Dr. Walker noted, “We have been overwhelmed with the support that we have received from the Burlington community. We are pleased that Dr. Scott and Raquel are joining our practice and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional care to the Burlington community.

Learn More About Our New Providers

Dr. Scott grew up in Advance, N.C., and completed her residency at Wake Forest University Medical Center. She has been practicing medicine in Burlington, N.C., for the last fifteen years. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Dr. Scott is excited to become part of LeBauer’s extensive medical services network in Alamance County. “I am excited to be joining LeBauer HealthCare and the Moses Cone Network of Physicians,” said Dr. Scott. “I am especially looking forward to practicing with Dr. Teresa Tullo and Dr. Jennifer Walker.”

Raquel Rey, RN, MSN, NP-C, joins LeBauer HealthCare at Burlington Station as a nurse practitioner. Raquel has been a nurse for more than 20 years. She received her Advanced Practice Registered Nurse degree from East Carolina University in 2013. Raquel also speaks fluent Spanish. Her hobbies include photography and traveling whenever the opportunity presents.



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LeBauer Welcomes New Physician to Brassfield Location

October 16, 2013 | Provider

We are pleased to welcome family practitioner Dr. Hannah Kim to LeBauer HealthCare’s Brassfield location. A graduate of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Dr. Kim brings her individual skills and experience to both current and future patients in the Greensboro, N.C., area. Dr. Kim’s particular medical interests and specialties include preventative medicine and primary care for the whole family, including general women’s health and pediatrics.

Learn More About Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is looking forward to serving LeBauer Brassfield’s current patients and to expanding the practice’s capacity and reach across the community.

“I am very happy to be joining LeBauer, which is known and well-respected in the area for excellence in the healthcare field,” says Kim. “As a committed primary care physician, I’m interested in establishing long-term relationships with my patients and I believe the key to a successful provider/patient relationship is open communication and mutual trust.”

Dr. Kim and her husband live in the Greensboro, N.C., area and enjoy hiking, running, cooking, travel and mission work in their spare time.

Learn More About LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield

With 10 primary care physicians and a highly qualified support staff, LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield offers comprehensive primary care services for families of all shapes and sizes. As part of the Cone Health Medical Group, LeBauer Brassfield patients even have access to sub-specialists within their network, providing more precise, personalized healthcare for those with unique health needs. In addition to LeBauer’s overall philosophy of patient-focused care, our Brassfield location also offers the following services:

  • Same-day appointments
  • On-site laboratory
  • Electronic medical records, including a secure patient portal to view test results and schedule appointments
  • Access to the LeBauer/Cone Health network of specialists
Contact LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield

To schedule an appointment with a primary care physician at LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield, you may reach LeBauer Brassfield by phone (336) 286-3442 during regular office hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday). To submit a request for additional information related to LeBauer HealthCare services or physicians, visit our Contact Us page.


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LeBauer Physician’s Family Named Ambassador Family for March of Dimes

December 17, 2012 | Event, Community

Greensboro — Dr. Kate Tabori ,of LeBauer HealthCare, and her family has been chosen as the 2013 March for Babies Ambassador Family for Guilford County. Tabori is a family physician at LeBauer HealthCare Guilford/Jamestown. Her son, Nicholas, was born prematurely and spent seven weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit at Women’s Hospital.

“Nicholas will be four in January and since his difficult arrival, the March of Dimes has been a cause very close to us,” says Tabori. “Our family walks as Team Tabori every year and each year we try and get more people involved and bring more attention to this very worthy cause.”

“We are thrilled to have the Tabori Family serve as the March for Babies Guilford County Ambassadors for our 75th Anniversary,” says Katie Garrett Williamson, Division Director – Greater Triad Division, March of Dimes. “Their family is the perfect representation of our mission and their passion to help babies be healthy and strong is enormous.”

As Ambassadors, the Tabori family will speak at local and regional meetings telling how the March of Dimes has benefited them and encouraging others to join the cause. The March of Dimes walk is April 27 at UNCG. People can learn more at People can support the Tabori Family Team at

“My son and many like him wouldn’t be here without them,” says Tabori.

Cone Health is committed to being a national leader in quality, service and cost. The Network for Exceptional Care consists of The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, Wesley Long Hospital, Women’s Hospital, Annie Penn Hospital, Cone Health Behavioral Health Hospital, LeBauer HealthCare, MedCenter High Point, MedCenter Kernersville and various outpatient clinics and programs. More than 8,600 exceptional people provide exceptional care to the people of Guilford, Rockingham, Forsyth, Randolph and Alamance counties.

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