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LeBauer Primary Care – Giving Patients More Hours in the Day

Do you need more hours in the day to see a doctor? School has started back, along with sports, and all the other extracurricular activities in life and making a doctor’s appointment can be hard to fit in. LeBauer recognizes our patients have busy schedules and is now offering extended office hours to accommodate patient’s needs when they are sick. Several LeBauer Primary Care offices open early and stay late to provide appointments for patients outside of “routine office hours”. If you are an early bird, you may prefer an appointment as early as 7 a.m. and if you need to schedule an appointment later in the afternoon/evening, you may want an appointment at one of the offices that are open until 7 p.m. Please see our list of offices below with extended hours:

Burlington Station

Monday                 7-5
Tuesday                 7-7
Wednesday           7-5
Thursday                7-5
Friday                     7-5

Stoney Creek

Monday                 7:15-7
Tuesday                 7-15-5
Wednesday           7:15-7
Thursday                7:15-7
Friday                     7:15-5

Elam/Main Office

Monday                 8-5
Tuesday                 8-7
Wednesday           8-7
Thursday                8-7
Friday                     8-5

High Point

Monday                 7-7
Tuesday                 7-7
Wednesday           7-7
Thursday                8-5
Friday                     8-5

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