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Meet Dr. Betty Jordan, New Provider at Brassfield

April 25, 2017 | Provider

Dr. Betty Jordan, LeBauer HealthcareDr. Betty Jordan is now seeing patients at LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield! Learn more about Dr. Jordan in this Q&A:

Q:  What do you enjoy most about practicing medicine?

A:  I enjoy the opportunity to work with people, patients and colleagues, and through teamwork endeavor toward achieving optimum medical outcomes that promote healthier and happier lives.

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3 Ways Your Doctor’s Empathy Impacts Your Health

October 31, 2016 | Primary Care, Provider

Female doctor giving compassionate care to patientWhen you’re sick or managing a chronic health issue, you turn to your doctor for medical knowledge and expertise. As it turns out, a doctor’s compassion and empathy also has an impact on recovery. While intelligence and skill are important qualities in selecting a doctor, you’ll also benefit if your physician offers a listening ear and compassionate treatment, according to a number of studies.

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Partnering With Patients for Better Care: Meet Dr. Stacy Burns

October 19, 2016 | Primary Care, Provider

Dr. Stacy BurnsDr. Stacy Burns encourages patients to be involved in every step of their healthcare. “One of the things I enjoy most about practicing medicine is the relationships I build with my patients,” says Burns. “I believe doctor-patient relationships should be built on mutual respect and trust to ensure good communication.”

Burns is a board-certified internal medicine doctor who recently joined LeBauer HealthCare on Elam Avenue in Greensboro. She is taking new patients and has experience providing preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment to adults of all ages.

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5 Ways to Partner with Your Doctor for Better Health

October 14, 2016 | Primary Care, Provider

doctor and patient discussing resultsOne way to improve your overall health – and recover more quickly if you are ill – is to be sure you have patient-centered health care. In a patient-centered care model, patients are active participants in their health and health care decisions. The patient and doctor talk and agree together on a plan of care. The result is healthier patients who are more successful in managing any chronic conditions and better equipped to make healthy lifestyle changes.

How can you be sure you have patient-centered care?

Following these five guidelines will put you on the right road to partnering with your doctor for better health.

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Caring for the Whole Family: Meet Dr. Renee Kuneff

August 5, 2016 | Primary Care, Provider

Renee Kuneff, DO 6-30-2016-1-2Today’s families are busier than ever, so being able to depend on one physician for your family’s primary medical care makes life easier. That’s where Dr. Renee Kuneff comes in. Kuneff, who is board-certified in family medicine, recently joined LeBauer HealthCare in Oak Ridge, NC. As a family medicine doctor, she is trained to provide preventive care, diagnoses, and treatment to patients for all ages — from infants and children to older adults and seniors.

“It’s a privilege to care for multiple people within the same family, and having that opportunity enhances the bond between doctor and patient,” says Kuneff.

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Working Together for Better Patient Care: Networks with Primary and Specialty Care Offer Advantages

May 31, 2016 | Provider

Confident female doctor in front of teamMany of us may go for years with relatively few health problems and are able to rely solely on a primary care physician for check-ups, routine screenings, and the occasional sore throat or cough. However, we’re all susceptible to illnesses that require more in-depth care. You may need to see a specialist for a procedure or to either rule out or confirm a particular diagnosis. At other times, your primary care physician may have already made a diagnosis but wants you to receive treatment offered by a specialist.

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Starting Over With a New Doctor: Four Tips for a Stress-Free Transition

May 23, 2016 | Provider

2016-05-18_LHCSeeing a new doctor for the first time can be slightly stressful, even if you know switching doctors is in your best interest. Perhaps you just moved to a new neighborhood that is no longer convenient to your old doctor’s office or your previous doctor retired. You may have decided a particular physician is not the best match for your personality or health goals.

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LeBauer Neurology: Expanding with a New Provider and a New Location

January 30, 2015 | Location, Neurology, Provider

LeBauer Neurology is excited to announce their expansion that will include a new provider and location in February.  LeBauer Neurology has been located at Suite 211 in the Wendover Medical Center and will be relocating to Suite 310 within the same building at Wendover Medical Center on February 2, 2015.  The phone number and fax number will remain the same for the office.  For more information and a map, visit our locations at

LeBauer Neurology will also have another doctor joining them in February.  Dr. Karen Aquino, an Epileptologist, specializing in the treatment of seizures.  Prior to joining LeBauer Neurology, Dr. Aquino treated patients in an Epilepsy Care Center in Texas and served as the Chief Resident, Department of Neurology, at the University of Connecticut.  Other activities include presentations at the American Epilepsy Society and the American College of Physicians Connecticut Chapter Conference,  as well as, participation in research and publications.  More of Dr. Aquino’s information can be located on the provider’s page at


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LeBauer Welcomes New Physician to Brassfield Location

October 16, 2013 | Provider

We are pleased to welcome family practitioner Dr. Hannah Kim to LeBauer HealthCare’s Brassfield location. A graduate of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Dr. Kim brings her individual skills and experience to both current and future patients in the Greensboro, N.C., area. Dr. Kim’s particular medical interests and specialties include preventative medicine and primary care for the whole family, including general women’s health and pediatrics.

Learn More About Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is looking forward to serving LeBauer Brassfield’s current patients and to expanding the practice’s capacity and reach across the community.

“I am very happy to be joining LeBauer, which is known and well-respected in the area for excellence in the healthcare field,” says Kim. “As a committed primary care physician, I’m interested in establishing long-term relationships with my patients and I believe the key to a successful provider/patient relationship is open communication and mutual trust.”

Dr. Kim and her husband live in the Greensboro, N.C., area and enjoy hiking, running, cooking, travel and mission work in their spare time.

Learn More About LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield

With 10 primary care physicians and a highly qualified support staff, LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield offers comprehensive primary care services for families of all shapes and sizes. As part of the Cone Health Medical Group, LeBauer Brassfield patients even have access to sub-specialists within their network, providing more precise, personalized healthcare for those with unique health needs. In addition to LeBauer’s overall philosophy of patient-focused care, our Brassfield location also offers the following services:

  • Same-day appointments
  • On-site laboratory
  • Electronic medical records, including a secure patient portal to view test results and schedule appointments
  • Access to the LeBauer/Cone Health network of specialists
Contact LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield

To schedule an appointment with a primary care physician at LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield, you may reach LeBauer Brassfield by phone (336) 286-3442 during regular office hours (8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday). To submit a request for additional information related to LeBauer HealthCare services or physicians, visit our Contact Us page.


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