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6 Fun Things to Do with Your Loved Ones that Will Boost Your Health

February 12, 2018 | Primary Care, Community

Mother and daughter spending quality time together.Flowers and chocolate may be the hottest selling items around Valentine’s Day, but the celebration isn’t confined to romantic relationships. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with anyone you love – from Grandma to your children to close friends. And research shows that people who have several healthy social or family relationships actually enjoy better health.

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6 Holiday Gifts to Inspire Health

December 13, 2017 | Primary Care, Community

Woman using athletic giftsYour holiday shopping has begun, but none of the usual holiday staples — slippers, sweaters, or electronics — seem meaningful. Try a gift that inspires health and fitness for your loved ones this year. You can find all sorts of health-focused items for a wide range of budgets. Try something from this list to help get 2018 off to a healthy start!

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Summer Fitness Fun for the Family

June 20, 2017 | Primary Care, Community

family exercising together outsideChildren and parents are breathing a sigh of relief as they welcome summer and say goodbye to the crunch of the school schedule. While you’re enjoying the extra time in your day, you’re also trying to avoid a household that’s glued to video games, social media, and TV. Summer is a great time for families to discover new fitness activities.

This brief guide to summer fitness fun will not only keep you and your family active and burning calories, but also allow you to spend time together.  

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Let’s “Deskercise!”

June 6, 2016 | Community

You have every intention of hitting the gym after work. You feel energized on your morning commute as you catch sight of your workout gear riding shotgun in your car. Then, 5 p.m. hits. You realize, for the fifth time this week, the gym is just not going to happen.

If it seems impossible to accomplish both work and exercise during separate parts of your day, why not blend them? Why not engage in some “deskercises”?

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LeBauer HealthCare: Supporting Healthy Communities

April 6, 2015 | Community

LeBauer HealthCare supports healthy communities, preventing illness, and disease and injury; and along these lines, with this week being recognized as National Public Health Week, you should know there have been improvements nationally in the following areas:

  • Smoking continued its decline for the adult population.
  • Immunization coverage increased for adolescents aged 13 to 17 years.
  • Successes like increasing life expectancy, reducing infant mortality and declining cardiovascular deaths.

LeBauer HealthCare’s physicians are professional and personal – a team of family-oriented, patient-centered health experts who bring the highest quality primary care within your reach. At LeBauer, our primary care physicians emphasize the needs of the whole patient and partner with you to realize your best health. With a patient-centered medical home, the goal is to organize primary care into a practice that emphasizes care coordination and communication. This model of care has the patient at the center of all decisions.

LeBauer Primary Care supports healthy communities. To find the office nearest you, click here. To schedule an appointment or to speak with a physician, please call the office you would like to visit.

Cancer Care - LeBauer

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MyChart, My Health and Well-Being

January 19, 2015 | Awareness (Week/Month), Community

LeBauer Primary Care recognizes the primary care doctor’s role in building relationships and developing good communication with our patients to promote health and well-being, and understand that providing convenient access to the provider is important too.  This is why LeBauer Primary Care provides an online tool, MyChart, to do all of that.  MyChart is online access to your health information and provider from anywhere at any time.

Some of the benefits of MyChart include:

  • Convenient access to your test results online
  • Ability to communicate with your provider via secure messages
  • Ability to print your health summary to share with other providers
  • Ability to schedule, reschedule, or cancel appointments online
  • Available through a website or smart phone app
  • View your medication list and allergy information
  • Stay up-to-date on your preventive care through health reminders

If you need to establish with a LeBauer primary care doctor, we can help you make an appointment  and learn more about MyChart!  And current patients who would like more information should call one of our locations, to ask how to get started with MyChart today!

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New Year’s Traditions

December 31, 2014 | Community

Help With Your Resolutions

One tradition as common as making a New Year’s Resolution is breaking one. In fact, a University of Bristol study proved that almost 90% of New Year’s resolutions fail. The promise made for self-improvement and life-altering changes can be a lofty goal, especially without the right support behind you. Thankfully, the team at LeBauer Behavioral Medicine can help you turn your New Year’s Resolution into a successful tradition.

Consider a Tradition

If you’re not following the tradition of making a resolution, here are some other traditions from around the world we have found. While New Year’s Eve parties followed with fireworks and singing, “Auld Lang Syne” at the stroke of midnight may be the most familiar scene, there are other food and festivities symbolic to recognizing a change from one year to the next that have held meaning throughout history:

❖     Toasting as the ball drops in New York is recognized around the world

❖     Hiding an almond in rice pudding – whoever finds it will have 12 months of good fortune

❖     Ring-shaped cakes and pastries as a sign of a year coming full circle in Netherlands, Mexico, Greece and elsewhere

❖     Pork represents prosperity in some cultures in Cuba, Austria, Hungary, and Portugal

❖     Legumes such as lentils in Italy and black-eyed peas in the U.S. as a symbol of coins and a wish for future financial success

❖     Eating a dozen grapes in Spain and Spanish speaking countries, representing hope for the new year

Throughout history, any one of these traditions spoke to a hope for the New Year, as noted by, and could make a great addition to your usual festivities.

How to Get Started

Making a resolution and recognizing traditions can be difficult.  If you would like a place to start with your resolutions, talk to one of the LeBauer Behavioral Medicine providers, and click here to learn how to make an appointment today.

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Bringing Healthcare into Your Home

December 27, 2014 | Community

Prepare for VisitWe believe the best healthcare happens when your family physician is also your neighbor, providing exceptional care within his or her own community and building long-lasting relationships with patients when possible.

Whether you’ve just moved to the Piedmont and are looking for a family physician, or if you’ve been here all your life and need a specialist, we have an extensive network of trusted, qualified providers and seventeen convenient locations. Our main office is located at 520 North Elam Avenue in Greensboro, and we have locations throughout Greensboro and in Reidsville, Eden, Stoney Creek, Oak Ridge, Burlington and High Point.

We’re also bringing healthcare right into your home with the implementation of MyChart, a best-in-class electronic medical records system that provides secure and easy access to your medical history and keep you connected to your providers. MyChart is available to our current patients.

We continue to extend our reach so that we can bring the best healthcare right where you are.

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A Holiday Poem From LeBauer Primary Care

December 24, 2014 | Community

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the boxes were scattered, toys were sprawled out.

Manuals and instructions were waiting to be read. But in a great hurry, Santa skipped them instead.

Then on Christmas morning, children eager for the day, they ran down the stairwell – all ready to play.

When they began playing, their toys fell apart. Cracking and breaking, and giving mom a start!

Dad brought in his tools and began to repair. He read all the manuals and constructed with care.

Holiday cheer was restored all around. And the children were happy, they were now safe and sound!

Playing Santa?

If you are playing Santa this year, remember to take your time and construct toys, gifts and games with care! December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month – a season to consider that while toys can bring children great joy, they can also bring health threats if not put together properly. LeBauer HealthCare has worked throughout the month to promote this initiative, encouraging families to give age-appropriate toys and to ensure they are in safe working order. Christmas Eve is always an exciting time, but in the midst of parties and excitement, toys tend to get thrown together. Here are a few tips for Santa to consider:

  • Ensure toys are not missing any important pieces by referring to instruction manuals.
  • Discard plastic wrappings before Christmas morning. These pose a choking and suffocation hazard to little ones.
  • Make sure any small pieces are picked up and secured correctly
  • If a toy requires screws, check to make sure every area is tight and sturdy after putting it together.
Call on LeBauer

toy safety awarenessWe encourage you to share this blog post, reminding other Santas to take simple precautions for a safe holiday. However, if you do have a toy-related injury this season, always seek prompt medical attention. Call a LeBauer office near you for holiday hours and to make an appointment. Our team of physicians and staff wish you the happiest holiday and a peaceful new year!

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