Our Mission

LeBauer HealthCare…..Caring professionals, with a tradition of excellence, dedicated to serving our patients and the community.

Our Mission Is To:

  • Protect and improve the health care of our patients.
  • Provide leadership in cutting edge clinical practice and patient advocacy by blending the art and science of medicine and by promoting the doctor/patient relationship.
  • Maximize quality of care and service to our patients through effective merging of clinical and administrative resources.
  • Balance professional growth with responsibilities to ourselves and our families.
  • Import and utilize state of the art advances to our clinical practice, recruitment, and clinical research.

We Value:

  • Group commitment, that builds on the individual initiative of each member and the synergy of us all.
  • Respect, for our colleagues in all roles throughout the medical community.
  • Responsibility, for high quality and fiscal integrity of the practice.
  • Pursuit of excellence, in all we do.

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