Exercise is Medicine for Doctor Evan Corey

Evan Corey, MD, knows that for many people, exercise is medicine. Exercise can burn calories, boost mental health, and help control blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. The impact of exercise on a person’s quality of life can be immense. Corey, a sports medicine doctor, is dedicated to helping people get back to exercise after an injury.

Corey recently joined LeBauer Sports Medicine at Elam Avenue in Greensboro, NC. He works with Dr. Zach Smith to care for patients of all ages who have either been injured or want to prevent injury and enhance performance.

“I want to respect the importance of exercise in my patients’  lives and help them find a way to continue to exercise,” says Corey. “An injury can be scary because exercise is important to the quality of their life,” says Corey. 

Corey understands what it is like to have an injury change your routine. He suffered a knee injury at the age of 18 which resulted in ACL surgery and ended his wrestling career. That experience and the recovery process were one of the reasons he wanted to specialize in sports medicine.

The Path to Medical School

Corey says several experiences throughout his life led to his decision to go to medical school. When he was 14, his younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia. Corey was his brother’s bone marrow transplant donor. The two recently celebrated his brother’s 25th year of remission. 

In college, Corey excelled in science and he realized he liked helping people. Those two factors made medicine a good fit. During medical school, he became interested in medicine for athletes and patients who exercise.

“I played a lot of sports – football, wrestling, and lacrosse. Sports are foundational to who I am, and I truly enjoy being able to help patients,” says Corey.  Today, Corey exercises with a mix of hiking, cycling, swimming, and resistance training. 

Communication is Key

Effective health care depends on good communication. “Fundamentally, what makes a good doctor is listening to patients and communicating well,” says Corey. “I like to hear about a patient’s goals, and it’s also important for patients to let me know if something is not working. Tools like MyChart can help that communication between appointments.”

Preventing Injury with Strength

Corey points out that strengthening muscles is one key part of recovery and injury prevention. “Getting muscles stronger so they can better handle the load of exercise can help prevent injury or re-injury,” says Corey. For example, strengthening the core can help protect the lower back. 

A Team Effort

Patient care is a team effort in Corey’s eyes. “From the staff that greets you at the front door to nurses, athletic trainers, X-ray technicians, and physical therapists — all of those team members are really important to the care of our patients,” says Corey. “I’m excited to join the LeBauer team.”

Schedule Your Appointment for Sports Medicine Care

If you’re looking for a doctor to care for an injury or help you enhance sports performance and prevent injuries, request an appointment with Dr. Corey using our online form or call (336) 547-1792. Dr. Corey is accepting new patients of all ages. 

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