Caring for Endocrinology Patients in the Greensboro Area: Dr. “Abby” Shamleffer

Of all the hobbies and interests to pursue in the world, reading medical textbooks must rank fairly low. However, even as a six-year-old, Ibtehal “Abby” Jaralla Shamleffer, MD, one of the newest endocrinology experts to join the team at LeBauer HealthCare, spent hours poring over those books. “My father was a surgeon. Some of my uncles were doctors. They were always reading these books, and I was fascinated by them, too. Even at that age, I realized this was a field I would enjoy working in when I grew up,” she says.

A Personal Connection with Her Practice

Dr. Shamleffer’s decision to focus on endocrinology would happen many years later, during the second year of her residency at Flushing Medical Center in New York. After much study and considering other areas of medicine, she was deeply impressed with the impact and importance of endocrinology in patients’ lives during that residency rotation. As it turns out, her work today has a strong connection to another one of Dr. Shamleffer’s hobbies —mystery novels, films, and television.

“Endocrinology is about positive and negative pathways. A patient’s blood work could look normal, but if you don’t know what you’re looking at, it can actually be abnormal. It’s not as straightforward as some other areas of medicine and diagnosing a problem. It requires a lot of cognitive thinking, considering the different pathways and feedback, and then you start to formulate a conclusion about whether there’s a problem or not. All of this is part of why I love what I do, because it really makes you think,” says Dr. Shamleffer.

Prioritizing the Patient Relationship

Seeing a specialist like Dr. Shamleffer is often a very different appointment than with a family practitioner. Dr. Shamleffer realizes some people may be apprehensive about a specialist, and that her work complements the relationship patients may already have with their primary care doctor. Prior to completing her fellowship in endocrinology at East Carolina University, Dr. Shamleffer spent seven years serving patients as a primary care doctor, including three years in Greensboro.

“With endocrinology, there’s always a problem. As a patient, you’re never going to come to me for a general check-up as you would with a yearly physical. Some patients don’t look forward to seeing a specialist like me because they know the conversation may not be as straightforward. However, I always make sure we’ve explained even the basics of why they’ve come to see me so we both understand the expectations about their condition and treatment,” she says.

Dr. Shamleffer’s patients depend on her for honest, transparent conversations about their health and options for managing things like diabetes. She understands not only the medical complexities of diagnosing problems but also the impact of non-medical circumstances on patients’ ability to make the kinds of diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes that are often most helpful.

Care Options for You in the Triad

Dr. Shamleffer is board-certified in endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism, as well as internal medicine and meets with patients at our Wendover Avenue location. She is one of the growing network of specialists and physicians who are available to help you or a loved one in the Triad at one of LeBauer HealthCare’s locations. To request an appointment with Dr. Shamleffer, complete our convenient online form or call LeBauer Endocrinology at 336.832.3088.

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