Delivering What Patients Want: Courtesy, Clear Communication, and Genuine Care

What do patients really want in order to feel good about their doctor and visits to the office? It’s not just an accurate diagnosis and the right medical treatment plan. 

Patients need to feel like they were treated with courtesy and respect by office staff and the doctor. Another vital factor in patient satisfaction is clear communication, which includes both listening to a patient and explaining things in a way that he or she can understand.


LeBauer HealthCare Providers Rank in Top 10% Nationally for Patient Satisfaction

LeBauer HealthCare patients are regularly surveyed about patient satisfaction — including keyLeBauer Horse Pen Creek Provider Erica Wallace, DO factors such as communication, courtesy, and respect —  and they are consistently giving office staff and providers top ratings. In fact, a high number of LeBauer offices ranked in the top 10% nationwide for staff quality and provider satisfaction. Providers include doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. 

In the past year, 9,524 patients from 15 LeBauer primary care and specialty care offices across the Triad received anonymous patient satisfaction surveys. The surveys are conducted by Press Ganey, a nationwide organization that specializes in health care quality, and patients are randomly selected. 


What Patients are Saying

Many patients surveyed leave comments in the survey. A few of the comments received during the past year include: 

“The office was very clean and bright, not drab and depressing as some offices can be. The staff was excellent from the receptionist to the assistant caregiver.  Everyone seemed to not just know their job, but actually enjoyed being there.” – LeBauer HealthCare at Horse Pen Creek Patient

“Coming from PA, my husband and I have had many discussions about how much better we feel about our health care providers since moving to NC. We feel our primary care physicians, both from the same office, listen and take the time to address concerns.  The entire procedure, from checking in to checking out, is extremely efficient and always friendly. The wait time for our appointments is minimal and everyone is efficient.” – LeBauer HealthCare at Oak Ridge Patient

“Staff is top-notch. No matter how I feel, they make me feel better — smiles everywhere, laughter. Fantastic atmosphere. I am a special needs adult and I am treated with respect.” – LeBauer Endocrinology Patient

“The doctor never expressed she was in a hurry … seemed her only concern was for me … listened to me and my concerns and gave me options for optimizing my health!” – LeBauer HealthCare at Burlington Station Patient

What Do Patient Satisfaction Surveys Include?

The surveys sent to LeBauer patients rate care providers on more than a dozen factors and ask about six different areas related to the patient’s experience with staff. Most of the questions focus on how quality of care is impacted by good communication, genuine care, and respect, as well as how long the provider spent with the patient and provided individualized care. A few of the survey questions include:

    • Did the provider explain things in a way that was easy to understand?Patient being attended by a nurse in a medical consultation
    • Did the provider listen carefully to you?
    • Did the provider show respect for what you had to say?
    • Did the provider spend enough time with you?
    • Did clerks and receptionists treat you with courtesy and respect?
    • Rank the concern the nurse/assistant showed for your problem.
    • Rank the care provider’s efforts to include you in decisions about your treatment.
    • Were instructions about follow-up care clear?
    • Did the staff show concern for your privacy?


How Surveys Improve Care

LeBauer, as a part of Cone Health Medical Group, uses patient satisfaction surveys to make constant improvements to patient care and service. Surveys from past years resulted in:

    • Improved access to care for patients across the Triad through the opening of new offices in Summerfield, Jamestown, and Horse Pen Creek Road, which provides more patients with care close to home and/or work. 
    • Offering more lab tests in each primary care office, reducing the need for patients to go to another location to have lab work, and lowering the amount of time it takes for lab results to be reported. 
    • The ability to check in for an appointment from MyChart, reducing the check-in steps at the office. 


Specialized Training for All LeBauer Teams

All LeBauer and Cone Health Medical Group team members recently completed specialized customer service training. The training is based on Ritz-Carlton employee training and is designed to help patients have a good experience at each and every visit. 

Doctors at LeBauer Grandover Village

“Most of our patients don’t feel well when they walk through our doors. They are worried and stressed, so our care begins by sincerely engaging with them at the front desk and meeting their individual needs for the entire visit,” says Brian Hunt, Director of LeBauer Primary Care.  “Our goal is to ensure that you always feel like a patient and not a number.”

LeBauer staff and providers have been implementing the three steps of the Ritz-Carlton Training. These include:

    1. Deliver a warm and genuine greeting by acknowledging our patients by name.
    2. Anticipate and fulfill each patient’s needs.
    3. Provide sincere service to every person, every time.


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