4 Reasons Why Your Student Athlete Needs a Sports Medicine Doctor

Working on a Ankle Injury with a sports medicine doctor

When your student athlete is on the field or the court, you’re likely beaming with pride. Parents know the benefits of being involved with sports far outweigh the risks, but unfortunately, injuries do happen. In most cases, children and teens will bounce back from an injury quickly. In other cases, there can be lasting effects that cause problems throughout adulthood. 

School athletic trainers play a vital role in injury prevention and treatment, but setting your child up with a sports medicine doctor will provide even stronger protection. Injured students who work with both a physician and a trainer tend to heal more quickly and are less likely to have a repeat injury. 

If your student is involved with sports, consider these benefits of receiving care from a sports medicine physician.

Injury Prevention

You’ve always taken your child in for wellness visits to prevent illness. Now that they’re a budding athlete, a sports medicine physician can be an incredible ally for preventing injury. These specialists spot signs of overuse, discuss proper conditioning, and help young athletes learn to listen to their bodies, which is key for injury prevention and athletic longevity.

Optimizing Performance 

According to Dr. Zach Smith, working with a sports medicine physician can potentially help to optimize performance. All student athletes want to get better, but they need guidance in setting realistic goals. Sports medicine providers give students tips and tricks to avoid overtraining and up their game in a smart, sustainable way.

Established Relationships

If your child does suffer an injury on the field or the court, an established relationship with a sports medicine provider will enhance his or her recovery. Instead of waiting for a referral or going through the new patient process, expert treatment can be obtained quickly. This is especially important for critical injuries, such as concussions. Just like in any other branch of medicine, familiarity with a patient helps a provider give more customized, effective care.

Youth Sports Safety Checklist for Parents

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A Winning Partnership

Dr. Smith says students benefit most from a multidisciplinary approach. Regular checkups with a sports medicine provider are important and can help students avoid injury. If an injury does need to be treated by a doctor, the school athletic trainers are able to see day-to-day changes and can help implement treatment protocols more effectively.

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