Anxiety in Children: What You Should Know

Jenna Mendelson, Ph.D., HSP-P, shares important information about what anxiety looks like in children, including signs that could indicate a child is experiencing anxiety, and what parents can do.

Signs of Anxiety in Children and What to Do

Some of the things to look for that could indicate a child is experiencing anxiety include if that child:

  • Shows physiological symptoms (like stomachaches or headaches)
  • Avoids activities they used to enjoy

One thing Dr. Mendelson recommends is to share with your child when you’re feeling anxious, what’s causing that anxiety for you, what it feels like, and what you do to ease your anxiety.

She also emphasizes the importance of having children continue doing the things that cause them to feel anxious since avoiding something can actually cause anxiety about that thing to get worse.

Seeking Help for Your Child’s Anxiety

Dr. Mendelson encourages parents to seek help if your child’s anxiety:

  • Seems to go on for more than a few months at a time, beyond the anxiety-inducing event or circumstance
  • Is so severe that it’s causing frequent physical pains like stomach aches or headaches
  • When the anxiety is preventing your child from doing things they enjoy or things they need to do on a day to day basis

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The best first step is to talk with your child’s primary care provider about the anxiety and discuss a referral. LeBauer offers primary care for the whole family at nine convenient locations in the Triad, and all of our locations have licensed behavioral medicine providers like Dr. Mendelson who offer counseling services. Find a location near you and use our convenient online form to request an appointment today.

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Jenna Mendelson, PhD at LeBauer Behavioral Medicine

Jenna Mendelson has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and specializes in developmental disabilities, seeing patients at LeBauer HealthCare at Oak Ridge and LeBauer HealthCare at Summerfield Village. Learn more about Dr. Mendelson and request an appointment.

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