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Tips for Training to Run Your First 5k: Interview with Dr. Rigby

August 29, 2019 | Sports Medicine, Community


What’s the biggest obstacle that keeps you from running?  In this recent video interview on WFMY-2, Dr. Michael Rigby, a sports medicine doctor at LeBauer HealthCare at Horse Pen Creek, discusses what to consider and steps to take to get on a successful track towards your running goals.

Whether you’re thinking about training for your first 5k or working towards another running goal, Dr. Rigby recommends the following.

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Anxiety in Children: What You Should Know

August 21, 2019 | Behavioral Medicine

Jenna Mendelson, Ph.D., HSP-P, shares important information about what anxiety looks like in children, including signs that could indicate a child is experiencing anxiety, and what parents can do.

Signs of Anxiety in Children and What to Do

Some of the things to look for that could indicate a child is experiencing anxiety include if that child:

  • Shows physiological symptoms (like stomachaches or headaches)
  • Avoids activities they used to enjoy
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Lower Your Diabetes Risk

August 19, 2019 | Endocrinology, Primary Care

young couple preparing healthy food, watching sugars

Popular culture offers up all sorts of reasons to adopt a healthy lifestyle: drop pounds, get toned, and gain energy. Yet healthy choices, maintained over time, can reap far more important long-term gains, including prevention of chronic diseases. In fact, being active, watching carbohydrate portions, and bypassing sweets are great ways to help prevent diabetes.

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