4 Reasons to See a Primary Care Doctor When You’re Sick

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There are times it’s obvious you need a doctor: a raw throat that won’t go away, a burning fever, or a sprained and swollen ankle. You have a primary care doctor, but do you give them a call, head out the door to the nearest urgent care center, or perhaps go online for a virtual visit service?  

There are a number of advantages to going to your primary care office for a sudden illness or minor injury when possible. 

1. You’ll Avoid a Long Wait

Many primary care doctors today are able to offer same-day appointments for established patients. If you can’t see your specific provider, there is typically at least one care provider in the office each day taking urgent, same-day appointments. Additionally, a practice like LeBauer with nine primary care locations often has a provider at a nearby office who can see you. Not only can you be seen the same day, but you’ll also avoid the likelihood of sitting in a crowded urgent care waiting room for hours. 

2. Your Primary Care Office Knows You

Your medical history and allergies are already on record with your primary provider’s office. Not only does this help you save the time needed to document that information at an urgent care or online visit, but it also means your care provider for the visit can easily see any tests performed or symptoms noted at recent visits. This information, along with your health history, can inform diagnosis and treatment decisions and help you avoid any duplicate testing. 

3. You Can Save Money

Urgent care and online visits typically result in more money paid out of your pocket than a visit to LeBauer doctor at horse pen creekyour primary care office. You can expect higher co-pays for urgent care visits, and online visits may not even be covered under your insurance plan. Sticking with your primary care office for a sudden illness can be a smart financial move. 

4. Follow-Up Care is Easy

If your illness or injury needs follow-up visits, more testing, or the attention of a specialist, it’s easier to coordinate that care through your primary care physician. Not only will your doctor’s office already be up to speed on your condition, but they can also make sure any needed referrals are a smooth process. It’s possible your physician is already part of a larger care network. 


Same-Day Appointments for Urgent Needs at LeBauer Offices

The nine LeBauer Primary Care offices in the Triad area offer same-day appointments for established adult and pediatric patients with urgent needs. Visits can be scheduled for any sudden (but not life-threatening) illness or minor injuries,  such as a urinary tract infection, strep throat, the flu, respiratory problems, sprains, small cuts, and more. 

Providers in each office work as a team for urgent needs, meaning you or your child may see a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant who is not your normal provider. 

If you are looking for a new primary care provider, find the LeBauer office closest to you to request a new patient appointment. 

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