LeBauer Celebrates 20 Years as Part of Cone Health Network

LeBauer Horse Pen Creek Provider Erica Wallace, DOLeBauer HealthCare is celebrating 20 years as part of the Cone Health network, a partnership that began in January 1999. Since that time, LeBauer has continued to grow, adding new offices and physicians to better serve residents of Greensboro and the surrounding areas.

LeBauer was established in 1931 in downtown Greensboro by doctors Sidney and Maurice LeBauer. Three of Sidney LeBauer’s sons became doctors and joined their father and uncle. When LeBauer became part of Cone Health in 1999, there were 41 doctors at LeBauer practices. Today, LeBauer has 115 providers, which includes doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and licensed counselors. Patients receive care at nine different primary care offices throughout the Triad. LeBauer also offers services in six different medical specialties: gastroenterology, pulmonology, neurology, endocrinology, sports medicine, and counseling.  

“In 1999, the Cone-LeBauer partnership was met with considerable skepticism,” says Dr. David Gutterman of LeBauer Behavioral Medicine. “There was, however, considerable wisdom and foresight among those that forged this partnership, recognizing the changing landscape of healthcare in our community and beyond. This partnership has supported LeBauer HealthCare’s 81-year commitment to providing our community with outstanding comprehensive medical care. The Cone-LeBauer partnership has flourished for 20 years and is stronger than ever before. We look forward to continuing in our shared commitment to providing  even greater access to the highest quality healthcare throughout our community.”

Benefits of the Partnership

Patients benefit from the LeBauer partnership with Cone Health in a number of ways, including:

  • A shared electronic medical record in the MyChart system. If a patient needs emergency care at a Cone Health hospital, the emergency doctors are able to access the patient’s LeBauer records to see current medications, recent visits, etc. This can help avoid repetition of tests, speed the diagnostic process, and prevent drug interactions. In addition, if a patient receives a test or treatment at a Cone Health facility, their primary care doctor at LeBauer will be able to see the results and follow up with the patient.
  • Easy access to specialists not included in LeBauer HealthCare practices. This includes specialties like surgery, urology, and oncology. If a LeBauer patient needs specialty care, the referral is convenient and seamless.
  • Urgent or online care after hours. Many LeBauer offices offer extended hours, with early morning or early evening appointments. However, if you need care after hours or on the weekend, Cone Health offers online visits through Cone Health Connected Care, a number of walk-in urgent care locations, as well as in-person care at InstaCare.

“Medicine is truly a team sport. The resources that Cone Health enables us to use helps LeBauer to be a stronger practice overall. If you can merge convenience with quality, that’s a win-win,” says Dr. Katherine Tabori, primary care physician at LeBauer Summerfield Village.


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