Individualized Treatment Plans for Individual Needs

“The type of relationship I like to develop with the patient is one of trust, and one that is individualized to that patient. If they don’t have trust in me or the therapy, then the therapy isn’t going to work,” said Dr. Brent McQuaid, Pulmonary Specialist at LeBauer.


Patient Richard Kennett has been going to LeBauer for his healthcare needs for about twenty years. Even though he’s faced with a complex pulmonary disease that affects his lungs, Richard says it’s the individualized treatment plan his doctor put in place that has made all the difference in his daily life.

“All things considered, as dire as that disease can be, I’m really fortunate in my progress. I think that, in effect, Dr. McQuaid has saved my life,” Richard Kennett said.

For Richard, having access to the pulmonary specialists and pulmonary services at LeBauer has been a win-win situation. Not only is he receiving customized care based on his individual diagnosis, but he says he is being served every step of the way by a staff who goes above and beyond.

Trusted Primary Care for Patients of All Ages

Whether you’re one or eighty-one, LeBauer offers exceptional healthcare for patients of all ages. Having an established primary care provider is crucial at any age, but especially important as you begin to approach older age. Having a trusting relationship with a provider means you’ll feel more confident in your overall health and the outcomes of your treatment plans. If you ever have more complex issues arise that need the care of a specialist, your primary care doctor can easily refer you.

At LeBauer, you’ll have access to specialty care in a variety of areas, just like Richard. While you always hope for the best, you ultimately never know what lies around the corner in your health and wellness journey. The good news is LeBauer offers quality care for even the most complex conditions.

LeBauer has location all over the Triad, making it convenient for you to choose the office that’s closest to home.  Meet our providers and request an appointment today!


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