4 Reasons You Need a Primary Care Doctor in Your 20s

Millennial in Primary Care Visit GraphicIf you’re in your 20s, you’re likely taking on all sorts of firsts, like a first full-time job, first apartment, and possibly it’s the first time managing all of your own health care. If you’re healthy, you may be wondering if you need anything beyond a walk-in clinic or virtual visit for the handful of times you need a doctor. However, there are a number of good reasons to establish a relationship with a trusted primary care doctor as a young adult.

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Keep reading to discover four of the ways 20-somethings can benefit from finding a primary care doctor.

1. Boost Care Quality with One Record

Having one provider who is familiar with your health history, personality, and preferences can enhance the quality of care you receive. In addition, there is an advantage to having all of your health records in one place. Easy access to a list of allergies, current medications, and health history helps doctors avoid drug interactions and recommend appropriate screenings and effective treatment. Ultimately, you’ll also save time when it comes to completing forms.

2. Have Honest Discussions

Online or urgent care visits are designed to focus on only one acute health issue. Young adults in their 20s need a health care provider they can trust to talk to about concerns such as contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and lifestyle issues like smoking, drinking, diet, and stress. It’s hard to have that type of discussion with a stranger in a crowded clinic.  

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3. Fast Track When You Need it Most

If you would need a specialist for a more complex health issue, having a primary care doctor who is already part of a health network can put you on the fast track to an appointment. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the specialist and primary care doctor can work together to address the issue, and this can help avoid duplication of tests.

4. Avoid Expensive Complications

Even 20-somethings can have health problems that lead to complications. A primary care doctor can help you track and manage blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and other key health factors. Partnering with a primary care doctor to manage chronic diseases or complete needed screenings can help you avoid costly complications in the future and ensure you feel your best.

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