Medicine is a Team Sport

“{My doctor} saved my life.” – Sam Wyrick


When Sam’s father died in 2015 of pancreatic cancer, she began to question her own pancreatic health. Then, her well-check up in 2016 showed slightly elevated levels of liver enzymes.

“They were mildly abnormal, but the panic and the fear that I saw in my friend, my patient, told me I had to pursue this,” said Dr. Katherine Tabori, Sam’s primary care doctor at LeBauer Summerfield.

Sam ended up being diagnosed with a rare liver disease, but it was caught early enough not to cause major health issues, thanks to her provider listening to her concerns and directing her to a specialist, even when a major liver issue seemed unlikely.

“I think if you don’t have a relationship, or a patient doesn’t trust you… your treatment plan may be ineffective because you’re not addressing the true underlying issue,” Dr. Tabori said. “We were able to make a big difference, and at the end of the day, I think that’s every doctor’s goal.”

At LeBauer, you’re viewed as an individual first, and a patient second. What matters to you, matters to us, and we take great pride in working with you to ensure your mental and physical needs are taken care of.

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  • “If you can merge convenience with quality, that’s a win-win.”Dr. Katherine Tabori, LeBauer Primary Care Provider

LeBauer has locations all over the Triad, making it convenient for you to choose the office that’s closest to home.  Meet our providers and request an appointment today!

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