Doctor and Patient Advocate: Meet Dr. Camille Andy

Camille Andy, MD at LeBauer Summerfield VillageAs a new year gets underway, Dr. Camille Andy with LeBauer HealthCare at Summerfield Village has a word of hope for anyone struggling to reach health goals or New Year’s resolutions. “It’s never too late to work on changes,” says Dr. Andy.

Trying something new to reach a health goal is something Dr. Andy is familiar with in her own life. She didn’t start regularly exercising until she was an adult and working in her medical career.

“Exercise was not something I grew up with,” says Dr. Andy. “I’ve learned how it can be fun and something that I like doing. It’s about enjoying moving and getting stronger and being more fit. I have a young daughter I need to keep up with, so it’s especially important to me to be able to have stamina. I’ve discovered spin classes, CrossFit, and strength training are all types of exercise that I enjoy.”

From Music to Medicine

Dr. Andy is a board-certified family medicine physician. She completed medical school at the University of Michigan and a residency at Cone Health Family Medicine Residency program.

However, for much of Dr. Andy’s childhood, she thought she would pursue a career in music. She loved the violin, but, as a teenager she realized a career in music would be difficult. She enjoyed science and people, and she had mentors who realized her skills went beyond music.

“I thrive on learning the healthcare goals of my patients and knocking down the barriers that keep them from reaching those goals. Their success is my passion,” says Dr. Andy.

Understanding the Patient’s Perspective

Helping a patient change a behavior requires understanding the patient’s perspective, according to Dr. Andy. “Sometimes in medicine we make the mistake of thinking we know how others are thinking and feeling. Everybody is different, and if we take the time to understand that, we can better help them.”

Dr. Andy grew up appreciating the differences in people and diversity. Her father’s parents were from Italy and her mother was born in Mexico. The family lived outside of Detroit, Michigan where there was a diverse population.

“My background helps me connect with patients on a more personal level,” says Dr. Andy. “Building a connection with patients allows us to trust each other when a complicated health decision comes up.”

A Women’s Health Advocate

Dr. Andy sees men and women patients of all ages, but she has a special interest and experience in women’s health care. “I’m passionate about empowering women to have a voice and to know they can be successful in anything they do.”

Dr. Andy provides gynecologic care, including contraceptives, management of osteoporosis, and other care related to women’s health.

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If you’re in the Summerfield, NC, area and looking for a new doctor, you can request an appointment online with Dr. Andy, or call us at 336-560-6300. In addition to our office at Summerfield Village, LeBauer HealthCare offers primary care at eight other Triad locations, including offices in Greensboro, High Point, Burlington, Oak Ridge, and Whitsett.

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