How to Set New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Free weights and calendar for New Year's goalsResearch has shown that only 8 percent of people end up achieving their New Year’s resolutions, which are often set in the hopeful idealism of January 1. But there are ways to beat the odds, and it all starts with how you set your goals going into the new year. Check out some tips for setting realistic New Year’s Resolutions and how to make sure your 2020 is a successful and healthy year.

Start Small 

In a burst of enthusiasm, many people set large goals that start to feel overwhelming later. Starting with smaller, realistic goals makes it more likely you’ll stick with them.

If your goal centers around your diet, try substituting fruit for the late-night dessert or replacing soda with water. Rather than a sudden shift in your entire diet or a strict calorie count, you can make small incremental changes. If exercise is on your list, start with going to the gym three times a week instead of five or six. Once those smaller goals are accomplished, you can then make small increases to your goal.

Tackle One Change at a Time

Don’t attempt a total lifestyle makeover. Rather than changing your sleep, diet, and exercise habits all at once, pick one area of focus and then set one or two realistic goals within that area.  While it’s tempting to imagine a whole new you, you’re more likely to be able to sustain changes for the long haul if you work on one thing at a time.

Make It a Date

Finding time to commit to your goals is key. Schedule anything related to your resolution on your calendar and stick with it. Whether it’s blocking off time for exercise, eating more dinners as a family, or organizing closets, you’ll be in a position to carry through when it’s on your calendar.

Find Support

Talk to friends or family who will listen and offer support for your resolutions. Sharing your hopes, successes, and even setbacks is a healthy tool that can boost your success. You may even benefit from a support group in reaching your goals. Are you trying to quit smoking? Many health networks offer classes and support groups. Some gyms offer exercise groups that can provide a base of support. It’s always better when you know others are cheering for you.

Make a Primary Care Doctor Part of the Equation

A primary care doctor can be a great resource for helping set realistic health goals and offering support. The team at LeBauer HealthCare works with patients of all ages to help them achieve the best possible health. If you’re looking for a doctor, check out LeBauer’s nine primary care locations in the Triad area of North Carolina. Request an appointment online today!

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