The Personal Side of Medicine: Why it Matters to Dr. Caleb Parker

Dr. Caleb Parker, board-certified family medicine physician, has joined LeBauer HealthCare at Horse Pen Creek. He recently shared his philosophy of care, tips for staying healthy, and insight into his love of music.

Caleb Parker, MD at LeBauer Horse Pen Creek

What’s one of the most important lessons you learned in medical school?

I got to work with dozens of different physicians. The physicians who took the time to get to know their patients were generally happier.  As I gained experience in my residency, I realized that in order to treat people, you have to get know more than just their blood pressure. There are things going on in their personal life, stress at work that can impact their health.

What made you decide to pursue a career in medicine?

The science and problem solving aspect of medicine is what initially attracted me to the field. Though, now that I have several years of experience, I am just as much, if not more, interested in the personal side of medicine – getting to know my patients and helping them feel better and lead healthy lives.

What’s your best advice for staying healthy?

Stay active, even if it’s just something as simple as taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator or choosing to park farther away from the entrance to a store.

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Spending time with my wife and son, watching UNC basketball and football, watching the Carolina Panthers, trying new foods, listening to music, and watching movies.

What type of music do you enjoy?

A very wide range! Mostly classic rock, heavy metal, and old-school rap. My dad is a banjo player, so I enjoy bluegrass as well.

Do you have any favorite movies, and why do you like the movies?

I mainly like blockbuster hits, like Star Wars and the Marvel series. I like going to the movies because it’s something I get to do with my wife.

What’s a random fun fact about yourself?

I was on the drumline at the University of North Carolina.

Prepared to Care for Patients

Dr. Parker grew up in Gastonia, N.C., and earned his medical degree at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He completed an internship and residency at Cone Health Family Medicine. Dr. Parker is certified by the American Board of Family Medicine.

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If you need a family doctor, Dr. Parker cares for both adults and children at LeBauer Horse Pen Creek on Jessup Grove Road in Greensboro. Request an appointment using our easy online form or call 336-663-4600.

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