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Teenage boy and doctor at appointmentFeeling confident you have great health care for your children and teens is important. If you’re looking for care, one of the first steps is to decide what type of doctor or provider best fits your specific needs. Many parents wonder about the differences in family medicine doctors, family nurse practitioners, and pediatricians.

Pediatricians specialize in the care of children and teens. Family medicine doctors and family nurse practitioners also have training in medical care for children and teens, but they see patients of all ages as well. Choosing a family medicine provider means the whole family, adults and children alike, can get care from the same doctor. Explore some of the reasons many families choose a family medicine doctor or nurse practitioner.

Family Medical History Matters 

When the whole family gets care from the same doctor or practice, any existing or newly diagnosed chronic disease of any family members will easily be noted by your child’s doctor. The presence of chronic diseases that have a hereditary component, such as diabetes, asthma, or allergies, may affect screenings ordered or the recommended care for your child or teen.

Stop the Spread of Illness 

If a family member gets a contagious disease, the family medicine doctor or nurse can recommend prevention efforts to help keep the illness from spreading to other family members. For example, if one child has the flu and another child or a parent has risk factors for flu complications, the doctor may recommend starting the person at risk on an antiviral medication. In situations like this, one family doctor means the parent doesn’t have to make a separate visit to their doctor for the recommended medication.

Longer Health Relationships 

Children are able to develop a long relationship with a family medicine doctor or nurse. Pediatricians stop seeing patients at age 18 or 21, causing the need to find a new doctor and transfer records for your teen or college student. By staying with the same family care provider into young adulthood or beyond, your young-adult child is able to continue care with a doctor who knows and understands his or her health history, personality, and individual medical needs.

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Children and teens are able to receive health care from experienced family medicine doctors and family nurse practitioners at eight LeBauer Healthcare locations throughout the Triad. If you’re looking for family medicine care for your child, request an appointment with our easy online form or contact the location that’s convenient for you.

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