A Healthy Balance: Physician Assistant Samantha Worley Shares Her Recipe for Wellness

Samantha Worley, PA at LeBauer Horse Pen CreekSamantha Worley, PA, started helping patients achieve a healthy balance before she even completed her physician assistant training. She began her career as a registered dietitian, offering medical nutrition therapy for Cone Health patients for three and a half years.  She helped patients meet specific medical and health goals through nutrition counseling.

“I wanted to widen the scope of how I could treat patients and find other avenues of preventive care in addition to diet,” says Worley of her decision to pursue a career as a physician assistant.

Worley, who is a board-certified physician assistant and a registered dietitian, cares for patients at LeBauer’s new Horse Pen Creek office. She sees patients of all ages and enjoys working with families to reach health goals.

Balance and Support are Key to Wellness

Worley believes that balance in several areas of life, along with a good support system, are vital to staying well and healthy.

“I always encourage my patients to assess how they are balancing work-life responsibilities, mental health, sleep, and diet,” says Worley. “If we find that we are struggling with one of these areas, it can have a significant impact on other areas. Having a good support system — whether that be friends, family, or a medical professional — can aid us in achieving balance and help us any time life throws us a curveball.”  

Worley is still able to use knowledge and tools of medical nutrition therapy to help her patients. “Eating the right foods and staying hydrated can influence our energy level, help prevent disease, and aid in treating certain conditions. A negative relationship with food can have profound impacts on both physical and emotional health,” says Worley.

Finding Her Own Balance

When she isn’t treating patients, Worley enjoys running, reading, and time with family and friends. Her dedication to running means she has completed three half marathons as well as numerous 5 and 10K races. For her reading lists, she favors historical fiction and murder mysteries.

Training and Certifications

Worley received her undergraduate degree and her master’s in nutrition at the University of Georgia. She completed an internship in dietitian training at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. After working as a dietitian at Cone Health, she then completed the physician assistant program at Campbell University. She is a certified physician assistant and a registered dietitian.

Taking New Patients

Samantha Worley is taking new patients ages 13 and up at LeBauer’s Horse Pen Creek office. If you’re looking for a caring provider who will help you achieve a healthy balance, request an appointment online, or call 336-663-4600.

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