Staying Active: A Passion for Sports Medicine

LeBauer Horse Pen Creek Provider Michael Rigby DODr. Michael Rigby enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle. Outside of his work, he spends time with his wife and three children. He enjoys most outdoor activities and mountain biking. Rigby’s passion for health transfers to his love for his patients in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

“‘Objects in motion remain in motion,’ is not only a law of physics, but also of the human body. Finding opportunities to remain in motion throughout the day combined with a plant-based, well balanced diet is critical to staying well and healthy,” Rigby said.

Blending His Interests to Help Patients

Rigby discovered his interest in medicine after his undergraduate work in exercise science. “The human body has always intrigued me,” he said. “I discovered that medicine provided a unique opportunity to meld my passion for the intricacies of the human body, as well as my desire to interact with people in a meaningful, one-on-one setting.”

After attending the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine, Rigby moved to the Greensboro area and completed his residency with Cone Health Family Medicine. He then completed his fellowship with Cone Health Sports Medicine.

Rigby is board certified in both sports and family medicine, and he began work for Cone Health Medical Group at Piedmont Orthopedics in 2016.

Rigby is now working at LeBauer HealthCare’s newest location at Horse Pen Creek in Greensboro as their sports medicine specialist. Rigby sees patients of all ages and activity levels with the goal of helping them return to living a healthy and active life. He has worked extensively with patients in endurance sports and treats athletes and non-athletes alike.

A Love For Patients

Dr. Rigby’s education led him to see that exercise and activity, along with a proper diet, is the healthiest way to live. His work in exercise science and sports medicine has allowed him to bring a unique approach to caring for his patients. “I enjoy the day-to-day interactions with my patients. Working directly with patients to help them navigate their own journey to health is not only enjoyable, but something I am immensely passionate about,” he said.

Rigby encourages patients to ask questions. “Having focused and specific questions that are openly discussed at the beginning of any patient/physician interaction is critical to ensuring your medical concerns are addressed appropriately,” he said.

A New Location, A New Experience

LeBauer Healthcare’s new location at Horse Pen Creek features qualified, passionate physicians like Dr. Rigby. In addition to sports medicine care, the office also offers family practice care and behavioral medicine services. Make an appointment today and start your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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