Hobby Puts Dr. Bruce Burchette in the Spotlight at Fall Fairs

Dr. Bruce Burchette with Pumpkin - LeBauer Brassfield providerDr. Bruce Burchette grew up in rural North Carolina working on a neighbor’s tobacco farm. While he put farming behind him during medical school and the start of a family medicine career, he eventually decided to reconnect with his farming roots. Burchette, who is a family medicine doctor at LeBauer Brassfield in Greensboro, grows giant pumpkins as a hobby with his older brother, Rob.

Breaking a State Record

The most recent Burchette pumpkin, grown on a farm in Virginia, broke the state’s record by two pounds for the heaviest pumpkin and weighed in at 1,342 pounds. This is also the second heaviest pumpkin on the records in North Carolina.  Earlier this year, one of their “baby” pumpkins, which weighed 1,050 pounds, was on display at the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville. The Burchette pumpkins have been featured at fairs throughout North Carolina and surrounding states and won dozens of prizes and ribbons.

“My brother and I had a friendly pumpkin-growing competition for years, but he always beat me – so I smartened up and joined with him about five years ago,” says Burchette. “We have combined our knowledge, energy, and resources and have set personal bests three of the past four years.”

Burchette has even found a way to merge his hobby with his dedication to caring for families. Last year, the Burchette brothers donated their largest pumpkin to Brenner Children’s Hospital. It was carved and put on display for patients and their families.

At LeBauer HealthCare at Brassfield, Burchette enjoys providing care for both adults and children. When he is not at work or on his pumpkin farm, Burchette also enjoys vegetable gardening, running, hiking, and reading.

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