Health Care Close to Home: Why Your Doctor’s Location Matters

Female patient and doctor discuss visitAmericans spend a large part of their waking hours at work. Add in exercise,  errands, and family time, and schedules quickly become frenzied. That’s why it’s important to find a primary care doctor located close to your home or work. When the main source of your medical care is nearby, you reduce stress and reap major benefits.

Benefits of a Convenient Location

Primary care doctors, such as family practice physicians or internists, are a go-to source when you need medical care. They handle routine illnesses, manage chronic diseases, and provide vital wellness services; so it makes life a lot easier if they are in a location that’s convenient for you. Here are three reasons location matters:

  • Less Time in Traffic
    Finding a doctor close to your home makes it easy to fit in a visit on the way to or from work, and reduces the drive from home when you feel really sick. Likewise, having a doctor close to work can lessen time away from the office when you need a visit.
  • Address Health Concerns Promptly
    If seeing the doctor involves a drive across town or a commute, you’re more likely to put off health issues. It’s best to address medical concerns promptly when they can be more easily treated.
  • Follow-Up is Easy
    If your doctor recommends follow-up care, it’s much more convenient if the office is close by. You’ll be more likely to stick with appointments for any ongoing care you may need.
Find Primary Care in Your Neighborhood

If you’re looking for high quality care in convenient location, LeBauer Primary Care now has offices in seven locations throughout the Triad. Our most recent office to open is located in Summerfield Village, giving residents of the Summerfield community easy access to personalized family care. We also have offices in Burlington, Oak Ridge, Whitsett, and High Point in addition to two offices in Greensboro.

We make it easy for new patients to schedule an appointment with our online scheduling. Simply select the location that’s best for you.

Find a LeBauer Near You

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