Healthy Holiday Food: 5 Easy Ways to Keep the Taste and Cut the Calories

Holiday Food PlateHoliday gatherings are notorious for featuring high-calorie foods and tempting even the most stoic of healthy eaters. If you’re determined to avoid the extra fat, don’t despair. You don’t have to limit yourself to the raw vegetable plate. Try these five easy ways to cut the calories while still enjoying tasty holiday fare.

Go Whole Wheat with Grandma’s Cookies

Try replacing half of the white flour in your favorite cookie recipe with the whole-wheat variety. You can also look for cookies that have oatmeal or dried fruits as the main ingredient. Save some time with these no-bake chewy truffle cookies featuring dates and low-fat peanut butter.

Lighten Your Liquids

Alcoholic drinks can be a major source of calories. Try adding sparkling seltzer water to cranberry or pomegranate juice for a low-calorie, festive-looking drink. You can also opt for low-fat hot chocolate rather than eggnog.

Try Wild Rice Instead of Stuffing

Most stuffing or dressing recipes are heavy in bread and some contain sausage. Try wild rice or brown rice to cut fat and calories. This cranberry and orange wild rice is a great side dish for your holiday meal.

Pumpkin Pie Beats Pecan

Pumpkin pie typically has 300 calories per slice rather than the 500 calories per slice found in pecan pie. Pumpkins also contain vitamin A, calcium, and iron. Remember to skip the whipped cream as well.

Pick Roasted Vegetables Over Creamy Casseroles

Steamed green beans with almonds or roasted winter vegetables offer plenty of flavor while avoiding the butter and creamy soups found in many casserole recipes. Try this easy recipe for roasted winter vegetables.

A Healthy Diet for the Long Haul

While the holidays typically bring diets and calories to the top of our mind, making healthy choices throughout the year will have the biggest impact on your health. Your primary care doctor understands your individual health needs and challenges and can be a great resource for nutrition guidelines.

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Need Help with Food Labels or Food Allergies?

Food allergies and food labels can also present a challenge during the holidays. Learn more about how to decipher food labels to meet your diet goals or discover how to prepare healthy, allergen-free meals for children.

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