5 Ways to Partner with Your Doctor for Better Health

doctor and patient discussing resultsOne way to improve your overall health – and recover more quickly if you are ill – is to be sure you have patient-centered health care. In a patient-centered care model, patients are active participants in their health and health care decisions. The patient and doctor talk and agree together on a plan of care. The result is healthier patients who are more successful in managing any chronic conditions and better equipped to make healthy lifestyle changes.

How can you be sure you have patient-centered care?

Following these five guidelines will put you on the right road to partnering with your doctor for better health.

Tips for Patient-Centered Care


1. Find the Right Doctor 

A doctor who is dedicated to patient-centered care takes the time to ask questions and listen. They also explain any recommendations and allow you to ask questions. Visits shouldn’t be so hurried that you leave the office unclear about your diagnosis or treatment.

2. Ask Questions 

Ask your doctor to explain your condition and if there is more than one option for treatment. Also be sure you understand why your doctor is ordering any tests or prescribing any medications.

3. Understand Your Medications

It’s important to know how medications may help you, as well as the exact instructions for taking them. For example, taking a medication at the wrong time of day or after a meal can influence its effectiveness. Be sure you understand:

  • The medicine’s name and what it’s supposed to do
  • How often you should take it
  • Any medicines, foods, or beverages to avoid when taking it
  • Its possible side effects
  • What you should do if you forget a dose
4. Let Your Doctor Know if a Treatment Isn’t Working

Some patients are hesitant to let a doctor know if they aren’t improving. If you aren’t getting better or you have side effects from a medication, it’s important to let your doctor know. They may be able to offer a different type of treatment.

5. Share Information

It’s important to let your doctor know about your family health history, your own health history, and any changes in your health. For example, family health history or new symptoms may mean you should have certain screenings earlier or more often. Information can help doctors diagnose certain illnesses earlier, when they are more treatable.

Looking for a Patient-Centered Care Doctor?

The doctors at LeBauer HealthCare are dedicated to the patient-centered care model. If you’re looking for doctor, you can make an appointment online at any of our convenient locations in Greensboro and the surrounding area.


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