3 Health Habits You Need to Break

Doctor advising to abandon unhealthy habits; Habits — we’ve all got them. Some are good, like brushing your teeth, making the bed, or leaving for work at the same time every day. Then, you’ve got your other habits like smoking, drinking, or binge eating. Some poor habits are more obvious than others, but the truth is, when it comes to your health, even the smaller, seemingly insignificant ones need to be kicked.

Check out these three habits that could be hurting your health:

Biting Your Nails

Some situations in life can be real nail-biters. However, if you find yourself caught in this hard-to-break habit, routinely biting your nails whether you’re stressed about something or not, you need to kick it to the curb — and fast!

Biting your nails not only leaves your hands and nails looking tattered; it provides an open invitation for the bacteria that lives under nails, staphylococcus, to infiltrate your body.

How to say goodbye to the nail-biting relationship

When your nails look nice, you’re less likely to be chomping at the bit to, well, chomp them. Try getting a manicure a couple times a month to help spark inspiration to keep them fresh. If manicures aren’t your style, try using a topical product made specifically to nix nail biting. The horrible taste will surely remind you of your goal.

Indulging in Snack Attacks

If you find the pantry calling your name after a stressful day at work, late at night, or multiple times throughout the day, you may be suffering from unhealthy snack attacks. Choosing sugary treats or salty chips makes this habit even more dangerous.

When hunger strikes, it’s easy to grab a snack that’s loaded with preservatives and ingredients that are anything but nutritious. Not to mention, you’re probably not even eating because you’re hungry, as most snack attacks are a result of underlying emotional factors. This habit can lead to obesity and a host of other health problems.

How to win the battle against snack attacks

Next time you hear the sugary siren’s call, try redirecting your thoughts toward another action. For example, instead of snacking, take 10 minutes to make a phone call to a friend, or get moving by enjoying a walk or doing some yoga.

Skipping the Floss

Sometimes, it’s the habits of omission that really trip us up. You may be a stellar tooth-brusher. You may even religiously rinse with mouthwash. Still, if you’re not flossing, you are not protecting yourself from the gum disease Gingivitis.

Most dentists say their patients claim to floss regularly, but routine cleaning visits clearly show otherwise. The truth is, if you aren’t flossing, you are 60% more likely to get gum disease, which can lead to other major health problems.

How to quit playing hooky with your dental care routine

Simply setting out dental floss on your bathroom counter by your toothbrush can give you a visual reminder that you need to incorporate flossing into your dental hygiene routine. Don’t get discouraged if your gums bleed at first and it feels painful. It’ll take a while for them to adjust, but they’ll thank you for it in the long run.

We are More Than Our Habits

While breaking up with our habits is not always easy, it is possible. Just like you can start a new habit, you can also quit an old one with determination, consistency, and self-control.

Psychologists say humans have an exceptional ability to change and orient behavior toward long-term goals. Self-control is like a muscle. It takes time to strengthen, but the results can be amazing.

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