Get Moving: Making Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

Hispanic Family Walking In Park TogetherToday’s families are constantly on the go. From school to extracurricular activities and everything in between, it can be difficult to squeeze exercise into the schedule.

Exercising is crucial to your children’s health and development just as much as it is to yours. The recommended minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily doesn’t have to be a burden when you find ways to make it fun.

Check out these tips for getting your family moving and incorporating fitness into your normal routine!

Home Dance Parties

Start off your morning right by following breakfast up with a 10-minute dance party! Pump up some of your family’s favorite tunes and jumpstart your metabolism with 10 minutes of moves – the sillier the better.

This is sure to be a crowd pleaser for kids and adults. Dancing is a great way to take the “work” out of working out.

Parking Lot Prancing

When out and about running errands, don’t stake out for the closest spot in the lot, opt for the one farthest away. This is a simple way to increase the amount of steps your family takes in a day!

While you’re at it, why not make those steps count even more by adding a little skip to your step? Picking up the pace of your walk burns more calories and gets you to the entrance of the store that much faster.

After-Dinner Walks

After a big meal, it’s intuitive to crash on the couch and let your food digest. Fight that urge to veg out, leash up Fido, and implement after-dinner walks for the whole family.

Not only does this get your family active after the heaviest meal of the day, but it also promotes building relationships in the community. Neighborhood walks are a great way to meet other families who are also prioritizing their health goals.

Not to mention, it’s the perfect time to talk with your kids and enjoy a little quality time at the end of a full day.

Television Triathlon

There’s nothing wrong with your family gathering around the TV to tune into your favorite shows, but rather than staying sedentary through the entire program, try doing a television triathlon.

What’s that mean? Well, at each commercial break have your family get moving by doing a different triathlon activity movement for each set of commercials.

For example, at the first commercial break you could all do arm circles to mimic the workout your arms get while swimming. The second break you might all run in place, and the third break you could lay flat on your back and do leg circles to mimic biking.

More than three commercial breaks? Just keep rotating the movements through!

Family Gym Class

Ask your children to show you exercises or games they’re learning in PE class. Let them be the teacher and show you the moves!

They’ll love being “in charge,” and instructing might just even help boost their overall confidence. This is a fun way to incorporate fitness into the day and increase quality family time.

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