Reaching the Next Level: Up Your Game with a Sports Performance Evaluation

runnergirlAre you striving for a faster 5K time, a lower golf score, or more moves on the basketball court? Perhaps you’ve been training regularly and eating right, but still not seeing results. A sports performance evaluation by a sports medicine physician can help you achieve your goals, prevent injuries, and move your game to the next level.

Not Just for Professionals

Many people believe the field of sports medicine is just for professional athletes; however, any active individual can benefit from working with a sports medicine physician. Whether you’re a weekend runner, a student athlete, or an avid recreational league player, a sports performance evaluation can help you achieve greater speed, power, flexibility, and endurance.

Designed for Your Needs

A sports performance evaluation is designed around your individual goals and specific activity. Most sports performance evaluations will include the following elements:

  • Movement and Muscle Evaluation – You will be asked to perform a series of movements to evaluate muscle imbalances, stability, and mobility. Imbalances and instability increase the likelihood of injury, so it’s important for the sports medicine physician to create a plan to address areas of concern in order to reduce the chances of injury.
  • Muscle glycogen testing – Glycogen is how the body stores carbohydrates for energy at the muscular level. High muscle glycogen content allows athletes to perform at a higher intensity level and increase the amount of time it takes to reach fatigue.
  • Exercise prescription – Each patient is given an individualized exercise prescription based on results of the evaluation. The prescription will include strength training, exercises to enhance flexibility, and sport-specific training.

How Injuries Impact Performance

Many patients suffer from either recent or old injuries that inhibit sports performance. An evaluation can pinpoint how and what to degree an injury may impact your movement and function.

A sports medicine physician can provide effective, non-surgical treatment of any injuries. Treatment may involve the use of ultrasound guided injections, custom orthotics, osteopathic manipulation, or other types of therapy.

Complete Sports Medicine Care

The sports medicine team at LeBauer offers sports performance evaluations as well as treatment for plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, knee and shoulder injuries, ankle sprains, tendonitis, injuries to the neck and back, and more. To schedule an appointment with a LeBauer Sports Medicine professional, call (336) 547-1792.

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