New MuscleSound® Technology at LeBauer Sports Medicine: Bringing “Next Level” to Healthcare

LeBauer-sports medicineAt LeBauer Sports Medicine, ultrasound technology has always been used to diagnose injuries and find interventional treatment options. But now, with the aid of MuscleSound® technology, Dr. Zach Smith can help bring you to the “next level” of healthcare.

Using a simple, non-invasive technology, muscle glycogen levels can be measured in our office. Muscle glycogen is the main source of energy during exercise and is necessary for optimal fitness and performance. Proper muscle glycogen levels are also essential to maintaining stamina and energy during activity. Insufficient glycogen levels have been shown to impact performance with slower reaction time, poor mental acuity and an increased risk of muscle and tendon injury.

If you have cramping or fatigue that causes you to stop activity prematurely, or you feel like you have hit “the wall” and are unable to improve your personal best, MuscleSound® can help you. Using the same technology applied in Major League Baseball and the NFL, Dr. Smith can complete the scan and provide council on proper nutrition and training to help take you to the “next level.”

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LeBauer HealthCare also can help with non-operative musculoskeletal injuries, practice osteopathic manipulation and build custom orthotics. You can learn more about Dr. Smith and LeBauer Sports Medicine at, or call for an appointment today: (336) 547-1792.​

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