Women’s Healthy Weight Day

A Healthy Approach to Weight and Body Image

Recognizing and appreciating diversity in women includes weight and body images and LeBauer Primary Care supports our patients living healthy lifestyles for a lifetime.

Health Education

LeBauer has provided education on a number of previous blogs in the LeBauer News on our website. Features have included articles throughout October for Breast Cancer Awareness month and more recently the health education blog on cervical cancer screening and prevention.  As Women’s Healthy Weight Day is recognized this week, LeBauer wants to promote an understanding of your healthy weight and not the media’s image, or solely based on a BMI or your weight when you step on the scales. Understanding your lifestyle, preventive measures, and risk factors are important to managing your health based on your family history and your current health and weight.

Establish Care with a Primary Care Provider

Establishing a primary care provider to assess your current health and weight and to provide information on maintaining and improving your health is the first step. Following up with routine office visits and/or specialists if needed and on an annual basis for preventive care visits would be next. Most importantly, you should not ignore signs that may indicate urgent and more serious medical issues.

Treatment and Care Options

A combination of treatment and care options recommended by a LeBauer Primary Care provider is a healthy approach to weight management and becoming comfortable with your body image and overall health.  A variety of approaches may be discussed and you can access your medical information and contact your provider easily with MyChart to continue to manage your health.

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