A Holiday Poem From LeBauer Primary Care

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the boxes were scattered, toys were sprawled out.

Manuals and instructions were waiting to be read. But in a great hurry, Santa skipped them instead.

Then on Christmas morning, children eager for the day, they ran down the stairwell – all ready to play.

When they began playing, their toys fell apart. Cracking and breaking, and giving mom a start!

Dad brought in his tools and began to repair. He read all the manuals and constructed with care.

Holiday cheer was restored all around. And the children were happy, they were now safe and sound!

Playing Santa?

If you are playing Santa this year, remember to take your time and construct toys, gifts and games with care! December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month – a season to consider that while toys can bring children great joy, they can also bring health threats if not put together properly. LeBauer HealthCare has worked throughout the month to promote this initiative, encouraging families to give age-appropriate toys and to ensure they are in safe working order. Christmas Eve is always an exciting time, but in the midst of parties and excitement, toys tend to get thrown together. Here are a few tips for Santa to consider:

  • Ensure toys are not missing any important pieces by referring to instruction manuals.
  • Discard plastic wrappings before Christmas morning. These pose a choking and suffocation hazard to little ones.
  • Make sure any small pieces are picked up and secured correctly
  • If a toy requires screws, check to make sure every area is tight and sturdy after putting it together.
Call on LeBauer

toy safety awarenessWe encourage you to share this blog post, reminding other Santas to take simple precautions for a safe holiday. However, if you do have a toy-related injury this season, always seek prompt medical attention. Call a LeBauer office near you for holiday hours and to make an appointment. Our team of physicians and staff wish you the happiest holiday and a peaceful new year!

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