Beyond Support Groups: Epilepsy Research and Programs

epilepsyawarenessEpileptic support groups are helpful for navigating the common obstacles patients face such as sleep management, medication maintenance and making it to numerous doctor appointments. However, there are times when support groups don’t work for people with Epilepsy. Patients often live in rural areas or have circumstances that make it difficult to get to support group meetings. Dr. Jaffe and the LeBauer Neurology team work with patients to understand their obstacles and help them receive the most effective form of support. Various research initiatives and new programs at LeBauer are addressing the unique needs of Epileptic patients. This blog post will shed light on the latest developments that go beyond the traditional “12 step” support group for living with Epilepsy.

Introducing Self-Management

The CDC is working with U.S. universities and community-based organizations through MEW (Managing Epilepsy Well) to launch self-management programs and to create tools aimed at improving the everyday life for Epileptics.

LeBauer Neurologist Dr. Jaffe confirms, “ …Key components to treatment are support groups and self-management tools, along with being seen by your doctor as scheduled.” “These establish consistency, which helps patients with taking medications and staying on their treatment plan.”

Emphasizing Support

There are online and in-person support groups that Dr. Jaffe, and the LeBauer Neurologists, recommend to their patients as part of an individualized treatment plan.

Additional resources for support groups and information can be found here.

Making It Work

Dr. Jaffe works with patients who have transportation concerns due to living in rural areas, medical restrictions, age or mental illness such as depression. Patients who have co-existing mental illness often struggle with managing medications and appointments, but we can help. New research developments and self-management tools allow the patient to be more in control of their condition. These include online tools, telephone self-management programs and electronic decision support systems for clinics. According to Dr. Jaffe, these programs seem very promising.

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If you or a loved one is dealing with epilepsy, contact LeBauer Neurology for more information about groundbreaking treatment options and support groups. We look forward to working with you.

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