Baby, It’s Cold Outside

flu preventionTrying to stay warm during the winter months is a familiar sentiment. As we step outside in the morning, the brisk air is a blatant reminder to bundle up. But while focusing on staying warm is important, it is equally essential to focus on staying well. As you are out and about completing holiday shopping and attending family gatherings, remember that the risks for illness or injury increase greatly at this time of year. LeBauer Primary Care wants to help you winterize in anticipation of an exceptionally chilly season. This blog post will continue an educational series, helping you with flu prevention, cold survival, accident avoidance and general tips for family wellness. And if you do fall under the weather, remember that timely treatment is paramount.

In previous LeBauer posts, several tips for avoiding the flu were shared. Click here to learn how to avoid the flu and colds this season. The advice is practical and easy to follow, and includes making your appointment for a flu shot at one of the LeBauer Primary Care flu clinics.  Visit our website for information on extended hours and to find an office location near you.

Stay Warm, Stay Well

The safety of your environment often plays a role in your overall health. Even if you live or work in a high-risk setting, simple steps can be taken to prevent your chances of falling ill. These include wiping down high-touch surfaces with virus fighting wipes and washing your hands frequently. Protecting your environment also entails preparing for harsh winter weather. The CDC has some valuable recommendations which include:

1)  Equipping your home with flashlights

2)  Preparing your car with tools and snacks, should you get stuck

3)  Heating your home in a safe way

4)  Creating or purchasing a first aid kit to keep on hand

5)  Ensuring your water source before a big storm

Our Doctors are here to help!

With icy roads and walkways, there is also an increase in accidents and injuries at this time of year. A heightened awareness can lessen your chances; however, if you do get hurt, Dr. Zach Smith is here to help you recuperate quickly. Dr. Smith’s family medicine background coupled with experience treating a wide range of physical conditions allows him to address each patient using a holistic approach.  As a primary care sports medicine doctor, patients do not need a referral to see Dr. Smith. For more information on preventing injuries or for treatment of new or existing injuries, call us today to make an appointment.


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