Epilepsy Awareness Month: What Everyone Should Know About Seizures

epilepsyawarenessRecurring seizures, or Epilepsy, is a condition involving abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This causes involuntary changes to body function and movement, along with other changes that lead to stigmas and misconceptions about the condition. At LeBauer Neurology, it is our goal to help Epilepsy and seizure patients experience an improved quality of life through managing this complex disorder.

Throughout November, Epilepsy Awareness Month, we will be featuring a series of blogs to educate the community about this disorder.

Comprehensive Care

LeBauer Neurology has three board-certified providers, Rebecca Tat, D.O., Adam Jaffe, D.O., Donika Patel, D.O., on the LeBauer neurology team who bring comprehensive care to the Piedmont Triad region. Our physicians are leaders in research and treatment of complex neurological disorders, applying today’s most advanced medication and cures. The LeBauer Neurology doctors want to help you recognize seizures and respond quickly and correctly, improving outcomes for children and adults. They want to end stigmatisms and misconceptions about seizure disorders.

With proper education, we can understand and improve lives through treatment and support.

Meaningful Education

Over the next several weeks, this series will focus on explaining more about Epilepsy and seizures, common misconceptions, what to do when seizures occur, and support available for patients and families. LeBauer Neurology’s Dr. Adam Jaffe, D.O., emphasized, “It’s important for seizure patients to recognize their symptoms are real, and that they can do the things they would like to do if they receive the right treatment plan.”

Treatments could include a range of things such as:

  • Testing to further understand symptoms
  • Stress management
  • Medication management
  • Improving sleep patterns.

“Each patient is unique and treatment plans are designed around the individual,” explained Dr. Jaffe.

Stay Informed         

Follow us in November for more information on Epilepsy Awareness Month. And, for more information about LeBauer Neurology services, treatment approaches and physicians, please contact us at 336.832.3070 or learn more on our Neurology center.

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