Breast Cancer Awareness Month – From the Heart of a Survivor

Cancer - LeBauerNow that October is here, most people are talking excitedly about the crisp fall weather, pumpkin carving and what they are wearing for Halloween, but for some it is a month of celebration. For many, it is a time took look back on one of the greatest challenges they have ever faced and to celebrate that they are a survivor. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a yearly celebration of those who have overcome and a time to cheer on those who continue the fight.

A Month of Celebration

At LeBauer HealthCare we are dedicated to providing not only exceptional patient care but also ground breaking research focused on finding a cure. As October begins, LeBauer HealthCare is highlighting survivor stories to encourage and inspire throughout the month of October. Each week, we will post a journal entry written by a cancer survivor sharing their story and struggles as they reflect on their lives.

Each week, we invite you to follow and share these stories, whether it is with family, friends or someone who is battling cancer. We hope these inspire those continuing the fight and speak to those celebrating this month. Regardless, these stories are directly from the hearts of those who have faced their battle with determination and come out on top. We trust you will be as inspired as we have been by these incredible survivors.

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Interested in learning more about LeBauer HealthCare and the cancer center? We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Call 336-832-0819 or complete our contact form, here.  We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your story.

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