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We are proud to share that Dr. Zach Smith of LeBauer Sports Medicine is the Carolina Dynamo’s Official Team Physician.

Dr. Zach Smith knows what it takes to excel on the soccer field – and in the field of sports medicine as well. As the official primary care team physician of the Carolina Dynamo, he brings patient safety to a new level. His passion for soccer and history in professional league play provides a unique advantage for the entire Dynamo team.

Smith is the sole sports medicine provider at LeBauer HealthCare in Greensboro, N.C., and plays an integral role in Triad medical community. Working with the Dynamo is his way of giving back, serving the city of Greensboro and making a tangible impact on its athletes. Smith was pleased with the healthy outcomes of the 2014 season. “We had a few bumps and bruises, but nothing major,” he explained. “Solid conditioning makes all the difference.”

As a primary care physician specializing in sports medicine, Smith can treat a large range of injuries and illnesses. When a player is feeling off, they are able to receive immediate treatment, ultimately leading to quicker diagnosis and resolution. Without a doubt, Smith’s presence keeps team performance at an all-time high. In the event of those inevitable spills, players can be splinted right on the field, and even receive an ultrasound if necessary.

Smith hopes to continue in this role for years to come. “I think the idea of having a team physician is really catching on in the athletic community,” he said. “It’s not just a trend – people are seeing that it is necessary.” Looking ahead, Smith and LeBauer Sports Medicine will seek further team partnerships, building valuable relationships and providing support for athletes across the region.

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