A healthy heart is the key to a longer, fuller life. It moves vital oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream, impacting every part of the body, and affecting everything from your energy levels to your peace of mind. When statistics show that heart disease is the number one health issue in the United States today, don’t you want to know that your heart health is in the best hands?

Decades of Experience

For decades, the cardiologists of LeBauer HeartCare have provided a steady pulse of cardiac innovation. When Joe LeBauer, MD, first came to Greensboro in 1967 to join his father in the practice of cardiology, he laid the groundwork for what would become the region’s premier cardiology group. Over the years, Dr. LeBauer and this practice have been instrumental in shaping cardiology care in this region by helping develop coronary care units across the state, and bringing Emergency Ambulance Service (EMS) to our county.

Providing innovative treatment has always been a hallmark of our practice. In 1983, cardiologist Bruce Brodie, MD, from our group was one of the first in the country to use balloon angioplasty to treat acute heart attacks, putting us on the cutting-edge of cardiovascular research at the time. Our practice also introduced coronary angioplasty, 2D echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and electrophysiology to our community. Through participation in research trials and numerous presentations, our physicians helped establish coronary stenting as the preferred treatment for heart attacks and have played a part in evaluating numerous medications and procedures.

Innovation for the Future

Today, LeBauer HeartCare continues to provide the latest diagnostic and treatment procedures. Day in and day out, our experienced physicians and staff offer new options and new hope to patients with heart disease.

We are proud to have had an enduring impact on cardiac care in this region, but our mission is as vital today as ever. LeBauer HeartCare continues to offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options, and participate in groundbreaking clinical research. With each day and every patient, LeBauer HeartCare continues to write history.

For the best in cardiac care and rehabilitation, visit one of our convenient locations in Guilford, Rockingham, Alamance and Forsyth Counties.